Homestead Preps

Are you READY !!

Welcome Members. We would like to thank you for being a member. We are a group we talk about Prepping,Homesteading,Bushcrafting,Survival,SHTF and updates on what is going on. Please feel free to post. As any good Group we have rules and they are simple. 1st: If you ask a question and you dont like the answer dont get pissy. 2nd: Do not disrespect anyone. 3rd: Admins and Mods are in charge. 4th Be who you are in real life no need for internet badass. If you would like to do a live show feel free to. If you would like to make a donation do so here I personally do not post pics of guns that may or may not be in my homestead this doesnt mean you cant let the world know what you have your choice. If you post bullshit the odds is someone will call you out on the bullshit. We have a chat room on discord Check out our Amazone store...
We are currently updating our Prepper Nation we will let everyone know when its up.