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RIO VISTA, Texas - There will be no school for kids in the Rio Vista Independent School District for a week because of the flu and other illnesses.

The small Johnson County school district, located about 50 miles south of Fort Worth, closed midday Tuesday and will remain closed through next Monday. All on-campus activities were also canceled to give custodial staff time to disinfect the schools.

One out of every seven children in the district were out sick Tuesday. Illnesses ranged from the flu, to the cold and other infections. With the President’s Day holiday on Monday, the district hopes six days away from school gives sick children enough time to recover.

Rio Vista ISD Superintendent Tony Martin said last Friday school administrators started noticing a high number of sick calls.

“Started seeing an increase in our elementary school. It really spiked starting yesterday,” Martin said.

In one Kindergarten classroom on Tuesday, Martin says only 5 kids showed up. That forced...
Earthquake Swarms Are Shaking Yellowstone's Supervolcano. Here's What That Means.

Something is rocking the massive supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park.

Thanks to a recent earthquake swarm, the Yellowstone supervolcano has seen upwards of 200 quakes since February 8, along with countless smaller tremors. The largest earthquake was an unremarkable magnitude 2.9, and all of them have hit about five miles beneath the surface. Larger earthquakes have rocked the region in the past, some as destructive as the Hebgen Lake quake and...