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A fresh barrage of rockets struck a base housing U.S. and other coalition troops north of Baghdad, U.S. military officials announced Saturday, just days after a similar attack killed two U.S. service members there.

More than two dozen 107 mm Katyusha rockets hit Camp Taji on Saturday, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Army Col. Myles B. Caggins III said on Twitter.

Five coalition members and two Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the attack, Caggins told the Associated Press....
The U.S. military launched multiple strikes using coalition warplanes targeting multiple bases used by Iranian-backed Shia militias believed to be behind the rocket attack on Camp Taji, Iraq, the day before that killed two Americans and one British soldier, a senior U.S. military source told Fox News.

The launch began after 1 a.m. Baghdad time.

The U.S. military strike was “proportional,” according to the U.S. military source, and hit multiple bases used by the Kata’eb Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militia that fired 30 Katyusha rockets yesterday at the Taji Base, which housed American and British troops. Of the 12 troops wounded yesterday, five are in serious condition.

The U.S. does not want to escalate the conflict with Iran,” the U.S. military source told Fox News, but wanted to...
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