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The Russian bombers did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace. NORAD said it "intercepted” the warplanes with two F-16 fighter jets.

The Air Force dispatched two F-16 fighter jets to intercept a pair of Russian bombers that flew close to Alaska on Monday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said in a statement.

Although the two Russian Tu-95 Bear-H bombers did not enter American or Canadian sovereign airspace, NORAD said it "detected, tracked, positively identified and intercepted" the aircraft as they were "entering and operating within the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone."

Air defense identification zones are areas of airspace that require all aircraft to be identified and located and to have...
The threat alone carries hefty political ramifications for Democrats also grappling with inflation and a possible recession.
Fears of a disruptive rail strike are roaring back to life, less than a month after President Joe Biden took a highly visible victory lap for averting a pre-election economic meltdown.

No strike will happen before the end of the so-called cooling-off period in late November — after the midterm elections — and negotiations are continuing between the freight railroad industry and a dozen unions. But one labor organization’s vote this week to reject a contract with the railroads threatens to undo the White House’s efforts to avert a strike — efforts that included a compromise the administration brokered Sept. 15.

The upshot is that railroads could again be weeks away from a work stoppage that would halt 40 percent of the nation’s freight traffic, imperiling Americans’...
10 lbs ground beef (aka, hamburg)
3 cloves garlic (do not be tempted to add more because raw garlic when pressure-canned can be overwhelming)
1/2 onion
2-3 T light brown sugar
1&1/4 tomato ketchup
1 plastic package of saltine crackers (buy a box of saltines and use one of the plastic packages inside)
1 T parsley
1 t yellow mustard (powder)
1 t pepper
2 t salt
8 eggs
Prepare your jars and lids and bands per instructions in the above link on canning principles. Keep lids submerged in hot water to soften the rubber seal.
Combine everything in a bowl.
Mix all ingredients well
Pack tightly in clean jars. I like adding a little at a time and stomping to pack tightly.
I used a french rolling pin inside a plastic bread bag (so the wood does not touch the meat)
Leave about 1&1/4 inch headspace. Try to eliminate air pockets as much as you can.
About an inch and a quarter headspace
Wipe rims to make sure no pieces will get trapped between the lids...