Bunking In Or Bugging Out ??

Discussion in 'Bunker in or bug out' started by Chairman, Nov 16, 2017.

Are you Bunking in Or Bugging Out

  1. Bunking In

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  2. Bugging Out

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  3. Not Sure

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  1. Chairman

    Chairman Administrator Staff Member

    Let us know what you plan on doing and why you feel that is your best choice.
  2. Chairman

    Chairman Administrator Staff Member

    Im bunking in I feel if you are bugging out your a day to late right off the start.Safest place is the one you know best !!
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  3. TN Homesteader

    TN Homesteader Moderator

    Bug in/Bunker is the approach for us. With that mind set, our prepping activities have been geared for that. We still have Bug out backup approach but that is more for nonSHTF or more to the local version where we have to vacate our homestead, fire, tornado, etc.

    I think bugging out is something to consider but I look at it as you have your primary residence and you bug out to your alternate (prepared) location. I cannot subscribe to the "I'm going to load a BOB and figure it out". We did not see that as a viable approach and with members that have medical limitation, cannot see hoofing it and setting up wild camp.
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  4. Nubbyless

    Nubbyless Administrator Staff Member

    I have to go with it really depends on the situation but be prepared to do either
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  5. Chairman

    Chairman Administrator Staff Member

    should i have a spot here ready for you Nubby ?
  6. Radiohobbyist

    Radiohobbyist New Member

    Bunking in, unless things become so untenable that I and family have to bug out, or it becomes imperative that we join other family members.

    I usually don't mind a road trip across Texas. ;)
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